School of Karate, Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan in Kiev
Charter of the School

A person who is truly looking the Truth, has no need in the charges shown beneath. Everything is simple. A true student understands that for reaching self awareness he needs to focus on it, putting aside everything that stands on the way of learning.

One needs to fight his drawbacks to reach happiness and health ( physical and spiritual).

This charter was created with those Students, who has been practicing self development for many years , who realized the necessity of following strict rules in this live and decided to share their experience.

Here are some of the rules:

- Search harmony with yourself and the outside world.

-Search self learning and learning of natural laws of the world

- sharpen and systematize your knowledge

- Search Purity of your soul, thoughts and deeds

- Refuse compromises with your conscience

- Try not to harm any living beings

- Have nothing to do with killing animals in any way.

- Try not to drink alcohol or smoke. No drugs ( accept medical therapy).

- Have nothing to do with distributing guns, alcohol, cigarets, drugs or anything that harms human health.

- Do not give or take bribes. Double standards are not accepted. ( There is no point in meditating and accumulating clean energy Chi in class if you are ready to loose it coming out on the street).

- Do not give unfair advertisement

- Act according to the rules of fair competition

- Comprehensively develop yourself

- Constantly improve your work, to be mor useful for the world

- Search to fulfill your Duty to your family, your country, the world. Develop understanding of Duty.

- Take care of your body, improve its fiscal abilities.

- Learn moderation in everything. Learn to restrain your wants for the sake of spiritual development. Restrain yourself ( or fully refuse) from physical relations with the opposite sex . This is necessary for the development of your ability to work with energy, so that your energy centers do not run short.

- If needed give all your power, health , even life for others in the name of Truth.

There is a saying 'A coward dos not play hockey'. Bravery is needed to find and accept the Truth, change your life and priorities. Bravery is needed for saving dignity in tough circumstances, without which there is no point in talking about energy Chi.

- Searching to stop suffering of all beings. Help others to find Harmony and Happiness .

- Pass your knowledge to those who needs it- which has to be the main goal of life.

- Support school's activities.

- Learn devotion and respect to Knowledge and Teacher who gives it.

- Treat school as a big family, other students as brothers and sisters, take care of their health and well being.

-Develop material base of School, develop forms of school's activities. ( Here anything matters- even fixing a broken hook on the wall)

A Vow of the Student

My goal is to reach the state of Enlightment, Happiness , Harmony and help all living beings to stop their suffering.

To reach this goal I develop my heart, following the way of Endless Grace, Endless Moral Purity,

Endless Patience,

Endless Diligence ,

Endless Wisdom and Aspiration of Truth,

Endless Devotion to the Knowledge and Teacher, who leads to Understanding of Truth,

Endless devotion to my brothers and sisters, who follow with me the path of Learning.

I develop my body , making it strong and healthy.

I seek to fulfill my human Duty to my family, my country and the whole world.

I follow this Way and do my best, not wasting a moment,

And nothing can stop me.


-It's not good to become fanatic.

-Every moment one should check the Truth of his Knowledge- then all shadows of our mind will be gone.

-Devotion to the Truth is to be developed first of all.

- Devotion to Knowledge and Teachers is to be measured by their closeness to the Truth.

Karate, Thai Chi and Zigun offer first of all individual workin retreat. The teacher shows the methods of self development, but the student usually works himself, focusing on his inner world and not getting distracted on the world outside (including the teacher).

Many systems call the outer teacher 'false', as main task of the student is to find his Inner Teacher- as inner voice of inner self is always individual.

Shotokan - school of traditional Karate in Kiev. A.Kozak.