School of Karate, Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan in Kiev

DODZE - it is not just a Gym or a sports club. We should treat it as a temple where we come to concentrate our mind and soul, seeking spiritual growth.

For Karate Do it is not enough to have strong muscles. One needs to build up his character. Take care and be proud of your DODZE, treat it as a holy place. Be patient in learning. If something seem not clear enough, you with appreciate it in a while, it's goal and meaning.

karate is often taken for a rough sports, which needs a lot of energy, aims insignificant goals, and which teaches its members to hurt each utter by the most ugly ways. Without respect DODZE becomes a cruft of severe people. So be sincere learning etiquette DODZE.ceremony without sincerity is fake and does not suit a martial art follower. A Karate follower has to be distinguished by his manners as well as by a healthy look and strength of his movements.


1. Remember that the main goal of a man is searching for Wisdom, and a Martial art is only a help on this way. If the student puts a Martial Art on the first place, forgetting about spiritual development , he is on the way of self- destruction.

2. Students bow and say 'OSS' entering the school and a DODZE ( traning room) . They first bow facing Sinzen, and then facing other students, who are already training.

3. Each time stepping on or off the Tatami, one has to do Rey, in the direction of Seman and the Teacher , leading the class.

4. DODZE ( training room) is meant to be a place for body, spirit and mind development, not for developing arrogance through physical strength. Mind your partners .

5. Each student should create an atmosphere of harmony and respect.

6. A Late comer has to bow, say OSS facing the centre of the room, and then sit in the posture of Seyza, facing the wall opposite to Sinzen, closing eyes and hanging his head. He has to stay sitting until he is invited to join the group. After the invitation , the late comer still sitting it the posture of Seyza has to bow and say: ' Sitsurey symasu' ( which in Japanese means ' Sorry for bringing trouble'. Then the late comer has to move to the end of the group, trying not to walk in front of it, especially in front of the seniors.

7. Students have to keep their uniform clean. They have to wear to classes only clean and neat uniform. Dirty and untidy uniform shown irrespective attitude to the group and DODZE.

8. During the class One can fix or tie uniform only when commanded. If kimono got untied the student has to put his hand up, bow, tell the teacher the reason and go to the corner, turn away from the Sinzen and tie the uniform ( during the tournament one turns away from Tatami , which his back to the judges ).

9. If there is a need to fix the uniform during the class, one should do it quickly but not in a rush.

10. All senior ( or older) students have to be shown respect. All students should stand up and say 'OSS' when senior student enters the room.

11. Willing to talk to a senior student or a Teacher , or greeting them, the student has to bow and say 'OSS'. He has to do the same ending the conversation. If you do not know the label or the age of another student, you should treat his as a senior.

12. Shaking hands use both hands, showing respect, modesty and trust. This ritual is also used outside DODZE, especially while talking to the seniors.

13. During training the students have to work to their full extent, emmediately reacting on the Teacher's commands. Slow or indifferent reaction is considered irrespective.

14. While training the student has to fully concentrate on implementing the tasks given by the teacher , and not get distracted. The student should show respect to the Teacher and the group in DODZE. Never learn Karate without seriousness it deserves.

15. Never practice Kumite without a Teacher. If you are practicing Kumite with a Black Belt, do your best, but showing respect to such level. If you believe that you can punch stronger, do it, but remember, that the Black Belt minds your lower level and does not use his abilities in full.

16. Do to offer Kumite to someone with a higher level, but do not refuse if you were invited by someone with the higher level.

17. Do not leave the line for any reason without the Teacher's approval. Do not walk between the lines, or between the Teacher and those who are training. If you need to leave the spot, walk behind the line.

18. Turn to your Teacher calling him ' Sensey', 'Cempay' , or 'Shihan' if needed. do not call him by name in class.

19. Do not argue, lough , giggle or talk in class. Do not sit waddling, do to get distracted while training. Take the class seriously , it is not a place for lough. A Karatist is always aware and well mannered. black belt is not a ticket for relaxation or presumptuousness in DODZE. Do not waste your time or time of others if you are not ready to take Kareate with full seriousness. It concerns leaving the training before time. Except the case when the Teacher asks, the student must stay in class until the last bow. breaking this rule is unacceptable.

20. Stand on your right knee to fix or to tie the belt. Turn right, away from the front of the classroom to fix Dogi. Learn to respect your belt as a symbol of your efforts in training.

21. Your Dogi has to be washed and cleaned at any time. Your belt has to be dry but not washed, as a symbol of the spirit of your hard work.

22. Treat your Teacher with great respect and politeness. Eastern wisdom says: ' Debt of the disciple to a Teacher is higher than mountains and deeper that the sea'. pay attention to the instructions. Remember: the Teacher will not ask you to do something he/ she will not be able to do. Implement the tasks saying OSS.

23. The Teacher, whoever he is, has to be treated with respect you expect in return. Karate starts and ends with the politeness. You do not belong to Karate if you can not show respect to someone who spends his time on teaching you. Never argue with the Teacher, and never talk without being asked by the Teacher. Such obeying develops trust between the Teacher and the student. Trust improves receptivity, which helps the process of learning.

24. When the Teacher explains or shows a technique, one should sit in Seydza, silently listening. Aftr the explanation is finished , one should do Rey to the Teacher and to the student, working opposite you, and then go on with the training .

25. Respect those who trains longer than you. Never argue about the technique. Remember, you are here to learn , not to share your opinion.

26. If you know some technique your learning partner does not know, y may show it to him. But it will me better to restrain from the teaching until you reach the Black Belt level.

27. One should avoid talking on Tatami. Karate can be only felt from inside.

28. To keep safe, take off all jewelry during training.

29. Your nails should be clean and cut short. Hands and feet should be cleaned before the training. Respect others.

30. Got to the toilet before training. Sudden kick into the full bladder can be extremely dangerous . Remember also, that to train with the full stomach is unhealthy . Eat not later than one hour before training.

31.during training the students sometimes are allowed to sit in a posture of Anza ( Turkish way).

32. One can not leave the classroom without being allowed. If the is such a necessity , one should do it in accordance with the rules,and after returning to the classroom explain the reason to the Teacher.

33. One can train wearing glasses, but during the sparing, glasses should be substituted with contact lenses. It also concerns all body protection used by trainees.

34. Traditionally the classroom is a sacred space, that is why the trainees should not wear hats in the classroom, outside boots, as well as use swear words. It is not allowed to eat, drink , chew a gum or smoke on all territory of DODZE.

35. All students clean the classroom if needed. They should treat the classroom as a respected place.

36. Trainees should respect a spirit of comradeship in DODZE . they should not harm an image of Karate by non-sportive or ill-mannered behavior. Trainees should not show hostility to the opponents during sparing, when cases of traumas are more possible.

37. One should restrain from gossips or disparaging notes about other Martial Arts schools.

38. Strangers are allowed in DODZE only if the Teacher approves.

39. Students who want to take part in a competition or a championship should prior consult with the Teacher.

40. Students who want to visit other Martial Art Schools should prior get the Teacher's approval. Students who wish to train in a branch of Shotokan Karate School should get a letter of recommendation from the Sensey. You should show respect, goodwill, and modesty to the students or a Teacher, training in a branch of Shotokan.

41. Only Sensey decides if he will teach you.

42. Monthly payment secures your place in school and let you and your co-learners study. In time payment shows respect to your Sensey.

43. All students should behave with dignity in and out DODZE, to be a representative of Karate. Students should not use Karate to hurt someone on purpose . An exclusion is when a life of the student or people he cares for is in danger.

44. Students should be kind and balanced in everyday life, stay clear thinking and sane in all situations. The students have to always remember about the spirit of Karate.

45. Remember : the way of Warrior - it is the way of the whole life. If you started this way once, never turn back. The one who overcame pain, sweat, blood, burdens and hardship, he who will grow out of his egoistic self, will reach Mastery. For the goal is by overcoming all desires, passions, complexes, by overcoming ignorance to open our hearts towards Wisdom.


My goal is to reach Enlightenment , Happiness , Harmony, and help all living things to get rid of suffering

For reaching this goal I

- Perfect my heart, following the way

Endless Mercy,

Endless Moral Purity

Endless Patience,

Endless Effort

Endless Wisdom and aiming the Truth-

- I develop my body, making it strong and healthy.

I aim to ideally fulfill my human Duty-
Duty to my family, country and the whole World,

Putting on my effort and not wasting a moment. I am following this way,

And nothing can stop me.

Shotokan - school of traditional Karate in Kiev. A.Kozak.