School of Karate, Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan in Kiev

Meditation technique studying by seniors is one of the main components of the Karate program at our school.

Meditation - is a technique that allows you to achieve a state of harmony, to self-actualize. Without harmony there is no true Karate.

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Basic provisions

Everything in this world is controlled by thought, is its consequence. Everything in this world is meditation.


Meditation has many levels.

At the beginning of the training, meditation - it's just the work of imagination, when the student casts various images, associated with something, that we mean a state of harmony (for example - a beautiful flower, and then himself - this flower). But these, seemingly simple, exercises activate with time in our central nervous system, in our mind mechanisms, which allows to look into the magical ocean of energy, Ocean of Soul (some people call it the "opening of the third eye"). This ocean, sure enough, is the true reality.

Therefore meditation from a flight in the world of imagination gradually becomes scientific research of opening reality.

To become a part of this reality, to understand that we are an immortal energy of life, intelligence and love - is an achievement of state of enlightenment (as referred to in most religions and philosophies).

There is no greater joy than to be dissolved in this ocean and live by the laws of love and wisdom.

Short courses of meditation

Relax-meditation with background music in the supine or sitting position (duration 15-30 minutes) "Casting ourselves at the forest opening, the morning sun warms and cleanses the body from fatigue and illness all the internal organs. We become transparent to sunlight and beauty of the world ... "

The result: sense of pleasant lightness and vivacity inf the whole body, total or partial pain relief, inward peace. Sometimes you want to sleep.

Mobilizing meditation - Correction of life mindsets. Developing the ability to mobilize the body and soul to solve life problems, overcome obstacles, self-actualization and knowledge of laws governing the world.

The result - overall tonus improvement, removal of psychological blocks, sense of self-confidence. Approach to harmony.

Meditation - is a self-enquiry. We learn to tune in to our internal organs, try to understand, which feelings, thoughts, words are useful, and which are not. If a any organ is sick - try to feel: why it is sick, what attitudes brought it to disharmony, which thoughts and feelings are desirable for its recovery? Self-enquiry helps to penetrate into the depths of own soul, to understand ourselves.

Shotokan - school of traditional Karate in Kiev. A.Kozak.