School of Karate, Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan in Kiev

Teaching quite a long time, I ran into a rather strange situation: adult candidates are not interested in the philosophy of Karate - they just want to learn how to fight. When I ask the question - what kind of responsibility you are ready to bear, practicing karate - basically, I do not get any clear and satisfactory answers.

It is possible to teach the man to hit and some self-defense techniques during rather short period of time. But where is the guarantee that the adult student is self-controlled enough and that it will not be used for evil?

So I carry out strict selection of candidates aged 14 years and older and I want to get a guarantee that the boy or man is really getting in the way of kindness, wisdom, and ready to practice Karate as an art of self-development rather than the art of aggression.

Adult student must have a positive life goals, possess self-control methods

(have a desire to comply with the provisions of the School Charter)

Usually I propose senior students to go in for energy practices. This allows the student to immediately feel the relationship between psycho-emotional condition and the nature of the accumulated energy.

Shotokan - school of traditional Karate in Kiev. A.Kozak.