School of Karate, Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan in Kiev

Qigong - (Qi-energy, GONG - control) - the art of life energy accumulation and management.

Qigong is used both in martial arts to increase strength, and for general health improvement.


It is known that the cause of most diseases is persistent or recurrent disorders of the central nervous system function, which controls all the processes in our body.

Qigong art is aimed both at the normalization of the nervous system functioning and increase of its potential, and at general physical development of the body.

The essence of Qigong is that the body takes certain positions at which there is an increase in the potential of one or more energy centers (Indians call them Chakras , Chinese - Tan Tien), and then the increase (tonification) of the entire energy system of the person (including central nervous system). Special breathing and meditation practices are used.

Meditation is one of the main components of Qigong, has many varieties and is aimed at harmonization of the sense, the development of volitive and other positive human qualities, increase of our spiritual strength and capacity for self-control.

Qigong - is a great method of eliminating the causes of diseases - provides possibility on the basis of feeling energy flow to learn how to manage the processes in your body, to find untapped reserves and send them to recover. Qigong practice gives people confidence in their capabilities and in the fact that even in the most difficult situation you can find a way out.

Especial faith to students inspires the fact, that they start feeling the current and accumulation of energy in 90% of cases within 10 minutes after the start of the first lesson, and after 30 minutes of training their condition improves (often considerably). If a person feels a surge of strength and, for example, pain relief, backing him for 15 years, after the first lesson - then how much more can be changed, practicing 6-8 hours continuously for weeks, months and years!

It is important that the Qigong lessons not only revitalize the body, but make richer and deeper sense of life. After all, if we have learned to feel the internal energy, these feelings are not limited to our body. Similarly, we can feel the world around!

What feelings do have students, practicing Qigong.

When performing, for example, one of the basic exercises (Big Tree). Usually first you feel slight warm-up of the body in the abdominal cavity, then it comes a feeling of warmth in the lower spine. After some time, the feeling is amplified and then extended to the entire spine. (Sometimes the feeling is so strong that it seems as if the spine poured with molten metal.) Some time later, the intensity of feeling comes down, a pleasant warmth spreads throughout the body. It seems as if every cell of the body is charged with energy. Especially nice to feel that "come alive" abnormal organs. It appears the feeling of shimmering heat in them, sometimes slight vibration. The same applies to the spine and joints.

And these feelings are a direct reflection of the real process of recovery.

Shotokan - school of traditional Karate in Kiev. A.Kozak.