School of Karate, Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan in Kiev

It is possible to start studying Karate from the age of 5-6 years (individually from 3 years), and continue to learn it throughout the life.

The program is designed for groups that are completed, primarily, on the basis of age, as well as focusing on the physical and technical level of the student:

- Junior - (6 - 8 years)

- Medium - (9 - 12 years)

- Senior - (12 or more years)

Karate classes are held three times a week plus one day a week tutoring(if needed) .

Every 2-3 weeks - going to concerts, excursions, watching movies, etc. With elders individual lessons are combined with group lessons.

For each of the above groups, Karate training program has specific features:

Junior group.

- Teaching students the rules of discipline, team spirit and instill a desire to improve themselves.

- The ability to listen to the teacher and repeat after him technique exercises.

- Educating the students of special motor skills necessary for practicing Karate.

- Total recovery and strengthening of the body, promoting flexibility, agility, etc.

- Education and training of students intricately coordinated movements, instilling in them a sense of balance, distance, orientation in space and time.

- Training in safe methods of exercise, spotting and self-spotting.

- Training of the initial basic Karate techniques and three initial complexes - Heyanam

- The training is conducted in the form of the game - with the constant changing of tasks nature - to ensure that children do not feel tired, and have fun in the classroom.

- One of the main directions is teaching safe behavior when surrounded by children, in the street, on the water, etc. A kind of "survival school" through which the child is able to avoid injury and not to injure others (rightly fall down, jump, quickly and appropriately respond to danger), to avoid conflict situations and be able to resolve them peacefully.

The main requirements to the students - are to keep discipline in the group, train hard throughout the school year.

Medium group

This group is a group where, in contrast to the Junior group) (general developmental), main attention is focuses on the study of Karate art.


- Securing the skills acquired during the training in the junior group.

- Study of all initial Kata - five Heyan and the first of the top Kata - Tekki

- The attention is focused on the development of students qualities such as agility, flexibility, endurance, explosive power, etc.

- Students begin to participate in training fights where rigidly specified direction and the number of strikes and the steps (for one movement, two, three, four, and five), as well as in free spar on the rules of semi-contact (contactless) and light contact.

- In this group special attention is paid to the internal development of students. Discussions and classes are carried out,aimed at creation of aesthetic sense of life and desire to live according to the highest moral standards.

- It is stimulated individual creativity of students in Karate - creation of own methods on the basis of already studied, own tactical decisions, as well as promoted humanitarian work - drawing, composition of poems, stories and fairy tales ...

- Students start to take part in exhibition performances, competitions.

- Special attention is paid to rehabilitation and recovery of the body of students.

The students of this group are demanded to meet strict requirements of moral and discipline nature. The student must understand that the art of hand-to hand fighting is has a weapon and such weapon should be kept only by clean hands. Apart from student behavior in a group of Karate, the teacher tries to monitor the behavior of the street in the street, at school. Additional educational work is carried out if necessary. If it does not work - the student is dismissed from the classes temporarily or permanently.

Senior group

This is a group, which students improve the skills, learned in the previous group, and proceed to the execution of Karate techniques of increased complexity.

Special attention is paid to:

- Moral and strong-willed, psychological and tactical training of student

- "Small" details of exercises performance

- Proper breathing, ability to concentrate the effort at the right time

- The speed and efficiency of movements

- Bringing to automatism the performance of Karate exercises and techniques.

- Learning anger management and relaxation techniques, art of Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan

- Students are taught consciously relate to the training process, to control the effect of muscle loading on the body. For this purpose they get a basic understanding of the human body organization and the basic knowledge of sports medicine.

- The students of the senior group cultivate inter se the highest moral and intellectual qualities, have active positive life philosophy, help to training junior students ,participate in cultural and charitable projects.

Shotokan - school of traditional Karate in Kiev. A.Kozak.