School of Karate, Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan in Kiev
The Particulars and Philosophy of our School

Features of the Karate School

- Our aim is a harmonic development (physical and spiritual ) as it is in the best schools. Moreover, spiritual development is believed to be more important than learning of techniques and exercises .

-School is built on trustworthy relationship in the group and Authority of Truth.

- Selection of students is based on their moral qualities and their will to develop their ability to bring Good in the world ( look at Charter of school)

- Selection of students is not based on their ability to pay. Absence of random people among students helps to build an atmosphere of friendship and trust in the group (this is the main difference from fitness classes where the trainer has to teach anyone who paid).

- School practices the highest levels of Zigun ( as well as Taizi Zuan of Yan style as one of the forms of Zigun).

- These practices are based on the deepest spiritual traditions and have a detailed method of learning , focused on constant and wide development of the student.

- The Teacher leads the students to Knowledge and Spiritual Growth , basing on his own personal experience. Each student tries to learn Truth avoiding blind following of authorities or any other fanatic ways.

- Personal work with each student, which is possible only in small groups.

- Extra attention is paid to the purity of thoughts of the student, correct basic training as well as correct implementation of techniques and breathing.

- Learning of the art of Neidan Zigun and highest levels of meditation let's one to move on the way of True Mastery.

- Our school is not Religious based. We deeply respect other traditions and schools and believe that when the student reaches the state of Highest Love, the borders among traditions disappear.

Shotokan - school of traditional Karate in Kiev. A.Kozak.